[Digital Times] Combustech, a smart ICT company that leads the 4th Industrial Revolution, will hold '2017 Vision Proclamation C

2020-07-15 10:55
Combustech (CEO: Lee Don-won), a company specializing in AR and VR solutions, held the 2017 Vision Proclamation Ceremony on January 3, 2017, with all executives and employees attending.

At the non-presentation ceremony held on the same day, Combustechwas the beginning of 2018. As an optimized company to prepare for the full introduction of digital textbooks for middle schools, it decided to make full preparations.

The future direction of the project was 1) to maintain a continuous and high performance growth tax based on the favorable business environment at home and abroad in the existing smart education business sector, and 2) to firmly establish itself as a "smart ICT company leading the fourth industrial revolution" in the new business sector.

It also announced its plan to more actively promote strategic alliances with domestic and foreign conglomerates, telecommunications companies and local governments, which have been promoted since last year, in the new business sector, and to make their achievements visible from this year.

It was also decided to carry out various procedures for holding regular shareholder meetings and preparing for listing as a way to implement the shareholder value extreme dialogue policy.

Combustech, which started as a smart education company using advanced multimedia technology since its establishment in 1999, has acquired about 20 corporate certifications and 27 technology-related patents so far, and has been recognized for its various awards including the Minister of Information and Communication's citation in 2005, the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Energy award in 2007, and the Digital Innovation Award in 2016. Based on this technology, the company has been building stable performance for 17 years since its establishment. It is a specialized IT company based on new technologies that have been developing technologies since 6 years ago in AR and VR businesses that have been in the spotlight due to the "Pokemon GO" craze that was hot last year. Therefore, this non-prediction ceremony was not a vague sketch, but also a place to share clear profit goals and future goals for new projects based on already accumulated technology. Let's introduce some of the new business items that Cumber Tech will focus more on with the vision declaration ceremony.

First of all, Bluetooth tracker "AniKeeper" is a next-generation Bluetooth signal-based solution that completely compensates for shortcomings of existing products with unstable signals and malfunctions, and is evaluated as a technology ahead of the U.S. "Tile" service, which recently attracted about 42 billion won in recognition of its 200 billion won worth 200 billion won. The company plans to expand its business through strategic partnerships in the future as it is also receiving attention from large domestic telecommunication companies through the 2016 App Show Korea Exhibition held in December last year.

Combustech's "Smart e-Book Solution" became a hot topic when it was offered a huge royalty from Amazon in the early days of its development, with its innovative touch technology that makes sense like handing over a real book. The "Smart e-Book Solution," which was also selected as KAIST's top 10 technology, is an unrivaled solution recognized by leading domestic and foreign academic societies and the media, including its introduction through the New York Times and Reuters. Cumber Tech will go further and come up with 'AR Convergence Smart e-Book Solution' by combining cutting-edge AR technologies. The solution is optimized for the government's mandatory introduction of digital textbooks scheduled for 2018, which is exactly in line with the Education Ministry's goal of "developing advanced multimedia textbooks incorporating AR/VR technology."

Cumber Tech's "Virtual Interview System" and "Virtual Sports System" are new business items that have been generating full-scale sales since 2016, and plan to transform them into smart content that combines Cumber Tech's AR and VR technologies in earnest from 2017. The "Virtual Interview System" is a "VR Virtual Interview System" that implements technologies that seem to be interviewing young people in serious job difficulties, and plans to enter the B2C and B2B markets in addition to the existing B2G markets, and the "Virtual Sports System" is expected to expand its services further as a "Silver Virtual Sports System" for the silver generation. The "Silver Virtual Sports System" is already so popular that more than 50 pre-orders are coming in just by word of mouth about the service.