06.18Capital increase(1,251,455,000 KRW)
04.14Navy laptop, printer, monitor introduction contract (Contract amount 4,054,173,700 KRW)
03.16GSA MAS (General Service Administration MAS-Multiple Award Schedule, US Procurement Service) Registration of goods
02.26Investment agreement with Fuel Cell Labs (fuel cell multi-channel evaluation equipment development)
12.24Investment agreement in Buan-gun, Jeollabuk-do
12.20Air Force Headquarters 19-2nd briefing system introduction project completed (Contract amount 3,021,216,000 won)
10.31Completed the replacement project of the beam projector in the Army Headquarters in 19 years (Contract amount 1,1511,122,000 won)
04.11Group standard certification designation period extension (Interactive Whiteboard)
04.01Started the development of learning smart virtual reality media (upgrading 3D content developed earlier)
03.02Started developing video scheduling and playback programs for video walls
02.22Development of remote controller for interactive board
11.23Development of touch pen with light absorber for interactive board
11.22Completion of the 18th year of digitization of school classrooms by the Armed Forces Financial Management Group
10.30Completed the 18-year monitor introduction project by the Armed Forces Financial Management Group
10.08Development of presentation program, copyright registration
02.28Designated as an extension of promising companies to enter the overseas procurement market
02.26Performance Certification , Small and Medium Venture Business Department
02.05Patent application 10-2018-0013778, Method and module for recognizing touch input of multiple users on a touch screen
02.01SAM  Vendor registration
02.01UNGM Vendor registration
10.10Development of multi-function voice recognition Wise electronic pen
10.05Joined Korea G-PASS (Export Promotion Association)
08.11Designated as an excellent invention product (No. 2016-0982)
07.11Software Quality Certificate (GS)-Smart e-book
09.21Designated as an excellent product (Interactive Whiteboard)
05.21Video distribution business and production license
12.28Extended performance certification (interactive whiteboard with multi-layer infrared photosensitive elements)
12.06Acquired new performance certification (interactive board with WiDi transceiver)
11.20Seoul Regional Small and Medium Business Administration Export Growth UCC Competition Excellence Award
07.28Software quality certificate (GS acquisition)
06.16Signed a technology transfer agreement with Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
06.16Selected as Daedeok Special Zone Development Project
12.01Designated as a promising small and medium export business (Seoul Regional Small and Medium Business Administration)
07.13Certificate of Technology Innovation SME (INNO-BIZ) (2013.07.13~2016.07.12)
04.23Designated as an excellent invention product (No. 2013-233)
03.08Designated as PQ company for overseas procurement market
02.28Registered with the Korea International Trade Association (trade number-45446656)
10.26Designated as an excellent invention product (No. 2012-2784)
06.08Acquired performance certification (No. 11-257)
01.30Selected as an excellent company brand in Seoul [High Seoul]
12.28Acquired performance certification (No. 11-235)
04.20Confirmed as a venture company (Korea Technology Finance Corporation, 2010.04.20~2017.04.19)
04.19Software business report confirmation (Korea Software Industry Association)
12.31Capital increased to 1,000 million won
11.09Moved the head office to Ace High End Tower 6th 403, 60-25, Gasan-dong, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul
05.31Capital increased to 800 million won
04.22Established an affiliated research institute
01.31Information and communication construction business registration
12.31Capital increased to 400 million won
03.29Acquired ISO 14001,9001 certification
12.29Changed the company name to’Comverse Tech Co., Ltd.’
07.26368-20, Sindang-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul for the purpose of video equipment manufacturing and software development
Established as Korea Cyber ​​Bank Co., Ltd. by CEO Don-Won Lee from the location (Payment capital 100 million won)