[DailyGrid] Combustech, Existing Smart School Sector Visible Performance Increase

2020-07-15 10:54
Combustech(CEO Lee Don-won), which specializes in AR and VR solutions, is showing interest in 'smart school system' performance one after another.

According to the explanation, 'Smart School System' is the existing business field of Combustech, which oversees future education systems that can communicate in real-time and interactive ways such as cutting-edge SmartBoard, electronic banking, and video recording systems.

In this smart school field, Cumber Tech has unique technology, including dozens of patents. In particular, video and touch DATA transmission and reception technologies through wireless communication modules, video-screen touch coordinate value scaling technology, and class progress that enables real-time interactive communication are future-oriented education system technologies suitable for active and creative human resources education methods.

"As the introduction of digital textbooks is scheduled for elementary and middle schools from 2018, the smart school system market is expected to face a major external growth and upheaval," a Combustech official said. "The full introduction of digital textbooks at educational sites is a revolutionary change that will transform the analog-style education system into a state-of-the-art multimedia system."

Meanwhile, Combustech's"Smart e-Book Solution" was selected as one of the top 10 technologies of KAIST, and was also introduced to leading academic societies and media at home and abroad, including its introduction through the New York Times and Reuters. Combustech is planning to take a step further and introduce 'AR Convergence Smart e-Book Solution' that combines cutting-edge AR technology. The solution is also said to be in line with the government's goal of developing advanced multimedia textbooks incorporating AR/VR technology.